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Mr Swagman Classic


Mr Swagman's Classic swag is the most versatile swag on the market. It has the ability to be used as a plain flat swag, which can be partially or fully zipped open; or it can be set up to hold the canvas off your body and provide insect protection from the head and foot end meshed windows.

Mr Swagman has selected the finest quality canvas for use in his swags. The canvas is a 100% cotton fabric that offers maximum breathability, is rot resistant, mildew resistant, U.V. stabilized and waterproof. The canvas is a 15 ounce rip stop, heavy-duty material that is the ideal choice for use in Australia's extreme conditions. Mr Swagman has chosen to use a 'Desert Sand' colour canvas for its cooling qualities and its Australian outback rugged image.

If the weather is cold or you require insect protection, the side zip continues up and around your head to incorporate the built-in mesh window. This window does not need to be removed if not in use; it simply rolls down. The Classic swag also has a mesh window at the foot end to aid in ventilation.

The top canvas cover of the single swag unzips and unfolds over to one side, while the double swag unzips down both sides and unfolds to the foot end.

Mr Swagman's Classic swag offers three methods of use:

1)  As an open flat swag with the canvas laying on your body and the head flap laying off to one side.

2) An easy one step setup with a rope at the head end which ties to the bars of your 4WD, motorcycle or tree. This rope holds the canvas off your head and top half of your body for comfortable sleeping. A foot end rope is also supplied to keep the canvas off your feet if needed. This rope is best used during rain or extreme cold for added comfort. At other times it is not needed.

3) The Classic swag is provided with an extendable pole to use at the head end and a fixed length pole to use at the foot end. Ropes and pegs are used with these two poles to quickly set up the swag, which ensures the canvas is held off your body from head to toe. This setup provides a very comfortable sleep, regardless of the weather.

Mr Swagman's Classic swag features an easy access, zippered front and side entrance and an overhanging head awning to provide protection from the rain. The head awning can be held open on the swag to allow maximum ventilation through the mesh, or it can be held closed ensuring no rain enters the sleeping area. When these flaps are in the closed position, a small enclosed area is formed to leave your boots and clothes in.

A spreader bar is used at the head end of both the single and double Classic swag to provide extra shoulder room, which results in a better nights sleep.

Insect mesh at the head and foot ends of the Classic swag allows excellent ventilation and insect free sleeping.

An external PVC ground flap is ideal for standing on once your boots are removed to keep your feet clean. This PVC flap is then used to protect your boots from rain and dew overnight. Single swags have a single section of PVC, while the double has one either side.

A high density, 70mm egg crate style foam mattress, with a removable cover is included in the price of all Mr Swagman swags. They provide maximum comfort by preventing the user from touching the ground, ensuring a good nights sleep.

These foam mattresses incorporate ‘Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection’ – resists mould, mildew, bacteria, odours and dust mites, which are triggers of allergies and asthma.

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The Classic swag can be used as a flat swag, without holding the canvas up. The single swag zips down one side and across the bottom. Double swag unzips down both sides

Quick and easy setup with just one rope.
Simply ties to your bull bar, roof racks, motorcycle or tree.

The Classic swag comes complete with an adjustable head pole to use if there is nothing else to tie your swag up to. The fixed length foot pole can be used at any time to hold the canvas off your feet and bottom half of your body.


A large overhanging canvas head flap keeps rain out. The head flap can be held open on one or both sides to allow more light and ventilation into the sleeping area

The head flap can be fastened closed to make a small covered area to keep boots and cloths dry. The closed flaps will also ensure no wind or rain gets into the sleeping area.

Fine insect mesh keeps mossies and sand flies out.

Bucket style base helps keep dirt and water out When the insect mesh is not needed, it can be rolled down out of the way.

PVC side flap to stand on and keep your boots dry overnight. Foot end has mesh window and overhanging awning for ventilation.

Side zipped entry into the swag is quick and easy. The Classic swag offers many alternate set ups depending on weather, making it an ideal all-purpose swag.

The swag can even be set up as a wind break.

70mm egg-crate high-density foam mattress, with removable, washable cover is used in all Mr Swagman swags.

70mm egg-crate foam mattress offers the highest levels of comfort.

Foam mattresses are made in Australia and incorporate ‘Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection’ – resists mould, mildew, bacteria, odours and dust mites, which are triggers of allergies and asthma



Single: $330.00 including GST
210cm long X 80cm wide X 60cm high at head end, 36cm high at foot end.
Rolls to approximately 35cm diameter X 80cm wide and weighs 8.0kg.

Double: $430.00 including GST
210cm long X 120cm wide X 60cm high at head end, 36cm high at foot end.
Rolls to approximately 35cm diameter X 120cm wide and weighs 11.5kg.


Postage costs for swags are:
  Queensland $30.00 per swag
  New South Wales $20.00 per swag
  Victoria $30.00 per swag
  ACT $20.00 per swag
  South Australia $35.00 per swag
  Western Australia $40.00 per swag
  Northern Territory $40.00 per swag
  Tasmania $40.00 per swag

Bulk orders of any of Mr Swagman's products will be quoted on application and will depend on numbers and delivery destination. Enquiries from any club, organization or group of people are most welcome.

Overseas delivery costs will be quoted on application and are based on Australia Post fees.

Note: Minor changes in colour and design may occur from time to time, which does not constitute error or fault of any product. All dimensions are within applicable tolerances and may vary slightly.

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