What type of canvas is used in Mr Swagman swags?

Mr Swagman has had his Australian made canvas specifically manufactured to his requirements. It is a 15 ounce 100% cotton canvas featuring a ‘rip stop’ and manufactured in ‘Desert Sand’ colour, which offers maximum cooling and breathing qualities.

Is the canvas waterproof?

Yes, Mr Swagman’s canvas is waterproof, rot and mildew resistant, UV stabilized and breathable. The canvas is ideal for rugged heavy duty use.

Is the mattress included with the swag?

Yes, a 70mm high density egg-crate foam mattress with a removable, washable cover is included when you purchase any swag. The mattress incorporate “Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection” resists mould, mildew, bacteria, odours and dust mites, which are triggers of allergies and asthma.”

Are Mr Swagman Swags easy to set up and pack down?

Absolutely. This is one of Mr Swagman’s main aims – ease of use and minimal setup time. The Original swag is a simple “throw it out and your done”. The Classic swag requires a simple half hitch (or any knot you prefer) to hold the head end up. The Deluxe swag requires two pegs to be hammered into the ground to provide the ultimate in comfortable bush sleeping.

Does Mr Swagman provide a warranty on his swags?

Yes. Mr Swagman provides a 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship. If for some reason something is not up to your expectations contact Mr Swagman for a no hassles solution.

Why did Mr Swagman choose twin straps and double brass rings?

The twin belts with double brass rings are a quick and strong way to retain the swag. The adjustable joiner strap acts as a carry handle or can be lengthened to throw over your shoulder.

What is the purpose of the PVC flap on the side of the swag?

Mr Swagman has added a piece of PVC to stand on once you have removed your boots to save getting dirt on you socks or feet. Once settled in your swag, place your boots under the PVC to protect them from overnight rain or dew.

Are Mr Swagman’s premium swags made in Australia?

Yes, Mr Swagman’s premium range of swags are made in Australia using only the highest quality materials.

Where can I buy a Mr Swagman swag?

Mr Swagman has no shop-front. All swags are posted direct to the purchaser to keep costs to a minimum.
Phone or email Mr Swagman to place an order.

How can I purchase a Mr Swagman swag?

Mr Swagman will accept cash, credit card, bank cheque, money order or bank transfer.

Does Mr Swagman offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, bulk orders of any of Mr Swagman’s swags will be quoted on application and will depend on numbers. Enquiries from any club, organization or group of people are most welcome.