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Mr Swagman Dash Pod

Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod is a fantastic storage product with seven separate pockets, plus elastic safety straps to help store all those smaller items and allows quick and easy access to them as you get in and out of your vehicle. Utilising a double strip of wide heavy duty Velcro ensures it won’t move even in the roughest of terrain. Being attached via the Velcro strips also means it can easily be removed if needed.

The Mr Swagman dash Pod can be installed via the twin strips of wide heavy duty adhesive tape directly to your dash or any other clean smooth surface, or via the double Velcro strips to your dash mat or clean carpeted surface. Either way, it can be removed at any time.

Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod features an extremely durable and flexible rubber base that will conform to almost any shape dash and can also be mounted to vertical surfaces like your door, transmission tunnel or even in the rear of your vehicle where space permits. The top section of the Mr Swagman Dash Pod is manufactured from an ultra-heavy duty ripstop PVC – the same material he trusts on the bottom of his swags.

Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod is an ideal storage solution for mobile phones, torches, hand held radios, pens and note pads, as well as cameras, tyre gauges, stubby holders and other small knick knacks. Unobtrusive elastic straps also help to prevent items falling out of the Dash Pod – a great safety feature.

There is also a larger top pocket to stash maps or medium sized books in. The top cover of Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod is insulated to restrict heat penetration to help protect your valuable items.

Oh, and Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod comes in black only so it reduces the reflections on your windscreen – another beaut safety feature.

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Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod will conform to any dash shape. 7 separate pockets allow great storage flexibility.


Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod is a perfect storage place for two way radios, torches, pens, tyre gauge and pocket knife.

Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod could also be mounted on your door trim.


Mr Swagman’s Dash Pod could also be mounted on your transmission tunnel.

Great idea – his and hers Mr Swagman Dash Pods. Maybe she could store her makeup in there!


Two Mr Swagman Dash Pods are better than one – imagine how much you could store on your otherwise wasted dash space.

Two extra wide Velcro strips allow for fitting to most smooth surfaces or carpeted surfaces and then easily removed.

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